The Jesus Outside

I was stumbling around in the dark and for a brief moment I actually forgot where I was.  When I unzipped the tent door I realize I was still camping and this was not my apartment.  The bear nearby the tent confirmed this fact for.  We exchanged glances and decided it was best if we left each other alone.  It was at that moment I thought, “I am not an outdoorsy” kind of guy.  I prefer walls, running water, and yes electricity.

However, much of the work of Jesus was done not in a synagogue or a temple or what we might call a church.  It was done outside where people are.   Jesus was going to where the people were and doing miracles and speaking to them.  He never sat in place hoping someone would make an appointment to see Him.  He was where people were.   He ate with prostitutes and tax collectors.  For Jesus it was not about the program but about people.  Somewhere in our churches it seems we have lost sight of this.   Are we more concerned about who took the last donut during the church fellowship time than we are in feeding the homeless?   If we hope to ever make a difference in this world then we will have to stop playing it safe and go outside and see what God will do through us.

  1. The field is so much bigger than the temple building or the religious place of worship
    I’m encourage by your journey knowing there is an abundance of Grace to the lost broken and the indifferent. I pray for an opening and a path that the lord will make so clear for you. You hearts passion is visible to me and to be encourage knowing there are other pioneering the word of God with conviction.
    Thanks Dan, for your support at, Pjgracecommunity

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