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I can remember being in Sunday School as a kid and hearing my mom talk about the book of Revelation, it scared me.  Probably left me a little traumatized.   However, whenever she spoke about the Antichrist, the one world ruler, I can remember being filled with curiosity.

Is the Antichrist living today?  It is highly probable that he is.  Since his identity is unknown we cannot say for sure.  It does seem likely due to the current climate in the Middle East.

Where is he living?  If you read my last blog about what the Antichrist is like then you know that he comes from a Roman origin.  This being said, it does not mean that he lives in Rome or is from there today.  Back in Daniel 11:37 it says he does not regard the gods of his fathers (or forefathers).  This simply means does not have to be from Rome.

Micah 5:5 says, “When the Assyrian comes into our land and when he treads in our palaces…He shall deliver us from the Assyrian.”  Micah 5:2 tells of the coming Messiah, that he will be born in Bethlehem.  If you read the chapter as a whole you realize Micah is not just speaking of the Assyrians in his day and age but rather looking forward.  In verse 7 the remnant of Jacob is mentioned then in verse 8 this remnant of Jews is among the Gentiles.  It would seem that Micah is speaking prophetically of the day of the Lord.  The Day of the Lord is a time that begins with the Rapture of the church and continues on until the Second Coming of Christ (There will be more on this subject in my next blog).

While the Antichrist will have a Roman origin, he will also be an Assyrian.  Living in what used to be Assyria but today is modern day Syria and/or Iran.   He will not be a Muslim (goes back to Daniel 11:37).  In my opinion it seems he will most likely be an Atheist.  As of right now, he may be alive but has a small role in politics.  When the time does present itself he quickly rise to fame and power.

If you have trusted in Christ then there is nothing to fear because you will raptured up before that day.