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Are we in the End Times? ¬†It is a question, which is on the mind of many people these days. ¬†One only has to turn on the news and watch the conflict in the Middle East unfold. ¬†Are these the last days? ¬†Maybe. ¬†Or maybe not. The book of Revelation is about God’s plan for future events and how they will be unfolding.

Hebrews 1:1-2 says, “God who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom he appointed heir of all things…” ¬†I hope you were able to catch the words “last days.” ¬†We are and have been living in the “last days” ever since Christ. ¬†In God’s eyes these are the last days and He will come or Rapture His church before the day (1 Thessalonians 5:1-3).

What is next on God’s timetable of events? ¬†I believe the next event is the Rapture of the church before the Tribulation. ¬†The tribulation can only start once the covenant is signed between Israel and the Antichrist (Daniel 9:27). ¬†However, the church is a mystery and was not on the radar of the Jews during Jesus’ time, which is highlighted by the parable in Matthew 22:1-14. ¬†The Rapture can happen at any moment because it is not tied to any event or even what is happening in the world. God could rapture His church up and then twenty years from that point the Tribulation begins. ¬†Or it be more time or less. ¬†The point is the church needs to be ready.

As I look at what is happening in the world I do see events and things being set in place for Antichrist to come to power. ¬†I was watching the news the other day and saw that the pope was taking a different approach or at least discussing a different stance on homosexuality than previous popes. ¬†I thought this was huge. ¬†This pope seems to be more about unity and bringing everyone together, which can be a good thing. ¬†However, during the first three and half years of the Tribulation the world will be united under one religion. ¬†Therefore, the pope’s statement to me is an indication of where religion is heading and will be during the first part of the Tribulation. ¬†The last half of the Tribulation Antichrist will force everyone to worship him as a god. ¬†The Antichrist will dispose of that faith one world faith (Revelation 17:1-14).

What does this mean for believers today? ¬†We need to be ready for the Lord’s return (1 John 2:28). ¬†We will not be in the Tribulation (1 Thessalonians 1:10). ¬†Over the years I have run across a few pastors and Christian writers, who say that believers who are looking for the Lord’s return are only looking to escape. ¬†They go on to speak about how believers should want to be in the Tribulation so they can make a difference. ¬†While I understand their viewpoint, I believe they are misguided in saying that Christians should be looking to escape. ¬†The Rapture is not about escaping, the Rapture is about God gathering His church to Himself. ¬†The Lord made a promise to His people in John 14:1-3 and Jesus always keeps His promises. ¬†Also since we do not know the hour or day He will return that means we need to be ready. ¬†We should be out telling others about the Lord. ¬†There should be a passion for His word and desire to go and tell. ¬†This life can be mundane, however, God has called all believers to be the light in their corner of this dark world. ¬†Therefore, in the moments, hours, days, weeks, months, or years we have left lets make the most of it.

We are in the last days and now is the time to live for Him.


A moment is all it takes. The bible tells that in a moment those who believe in Christ will be changed (1 Corinthians 15:52).  In my opinion I believe this is a reference to the Rapture of believers.  However, in that same moment what are those who are left behind do?  Pure chaos would ensue.  A world in many ways would be turned upside down.  People losing relatives, friends, or coworkers in a moment.  It seems fair to write that people would be confused and lost as to what to do.  Once that moment passes, people will be looking for truth, looking for answers.  How people find these answers  the scriptures are silent, but based upon how people have responded in the past after tragedy it is fair to assume that people will be looking for some type of spiritual answer.

The first half of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will not be ruling the world. ¬†The first half he is building his name and career in order to rule the last 3 1/2 years. ¬† Who is it that rules the first 3 1/2 years? ¬†It is Ecclesiastical Babylon. ¬†In Revelation 17:1, we are introduced to the religious system of that day. ¬†The woman it says sits on many waters. ¬†The “many waters,” is interpreted as people, nations, ¬†multitudes, and tongues in verse 15. ¬†The woman sits on the many waters, which it seems to imply that she is ruling. ¬†This woman has the support of civil governments at this time. ¬†This is made clear by the preposition “with.” ¬†The kings of the earth it says committed fornication with her as well as the inhabitants of the earth. ¬†The word “fornication” that is used here is used in a spiritual sense. ¬†The world committed spiritual adultery with Babylon. ¬†Much like in the Old Testament when Israel would turn after other gods, God viewed it as spiritual adultery and He would respond. ¬†In verse 3, we are told that the same woman now is sitting on a scarlet beast. ¬†The beast is the Antichrist. ¬†We know this because the beast is identified as having seven heads and ten horns. ¬†This description is similar to Daniel 7:24, and in Revelation 13:1. ¬†This would then imply that the Antichrist, at least for the first part of the tribulation, will also be under the Babylon’s religious authority.

What is identity then of the woman? ¬†She represents the one world religious system of that day. ¬†This religious system rises to rule because after the Rapture many will be looking for answers. ¬†This religious system provide people with the spiritual help they are looking for. ¬†From this need it seems that this religious system will rule with the state. ¬†I make that assumption from Revelation 17:1,2. ¬†I believe the woman in 17 is the same woman in Revelation 2:20 who is identified as Jezebel. ¬†I make that assumption based upon the actions of the Jezebel in the church of Thyatira. ¬†There in that church this woman caused people to commit sexual immorality and adultery. ¬†Also the Lord tells John in verse 22 of chapter 2 that “cast her into a sickbed and those who commit adultery with her into the great tribulation unless they repent…” ¬†I believe the reference here is to the actual Great Tribulation, which is the last half of the Tribulation. ¬†The headquarters of this new religious system will be a rebuilt Babylon.

What will the religion be?  The religion will be a combination of all false religions.  The figure Jezebel is used in Revelation as a type from the Old Testament.  There in 1 Kings shes brings in a foreign god for Israel to worship.  Here in Revelation 17 this woman operates very similarly.  Some bible teachers claim this woman represents the Catholic church.  There could some truth to that.  However, this woman I believe represents all false churches.  They come together to create a mega one world religious system, much like they did in Genesis 11 at the Tower of Babel.

666 not just a number.

The number 666 has been popularized by our culture today. ¬†It has been featured in many movies from horror ¬†to Christian films. ¬†A great many books have been written about it as well. ¬†Many pastors warn of a coming cashless society or credit system by which this number will be used. ¬†While the number is sensational, we do get a different idea of what it means when we read about in¬†Revelation 13:17 it says “no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.” ¬†This verse tells us that the number doesn’t mean a credit or cashless system, but rather the name of the AntiChrist himself. ¬†Based on this verse many would then start looking to names of presidents and rulers to see if the letters in their name equaled 666. ¬†However, unlike the English language Hebrew, can used to express numbers (also Greek can as well). ¬†There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and in the order of numerical value they are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,200,300,and 400. ¬†The numerical value of Jesus’ name is 749. ¬† This is something that cannot be duplicated with English. ¬†A great website to check this out would be ¬†Believers living during the Tribulation should be able to identify the AntiChrist if they are watching.

The purpose of the mark is not just for buying and selling but rather worship of The Beast.  By placing the mark on either the right hand or forehead people are submitting to his authority.  People will want to do this because the will perceive him to be a god.  He will be mortally wounded and thought to be dead but will rise again (13:3).  Satan who gives The Beast his power, is worshiped when people worship AntiChrist.  Also important to note that worship is coming from the whole earth not just the European union.  Some have indentified the European Union as the 10 kings in Revelation.  However, upon further review, Daniel 7:23 tells us that this fourth empire will be over all the earth.  Therefore, the whole earth will make up the ten kingdoms.  The European Union gives us a preview of what that would look like on a much smaller scale, but it is not the actual 10 kingdoms from Revelation.

All this means is that one day the Lord will return and we need to be ready.

Who is the AntiChrist?.

What will the AntiChrist be like?.