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The Real Gospel

Posted: May 23, 2014 in bible, christianity, faith, truth
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The word Gospel means Good News.  It is the good news about Jesus.  I recently went to a conference and an old truth hit home to me.  The question was what sends people to Hell?  If you walk into any Christian bookstore you will notice a wall of the latest and greatest books.  Books that deal with many different topics about the bible and the Christian life.  A few of these books I have read over the years and found myself in serious disagreement with the author, like Francis Chan, John McArthur, and RC Sproul.

Theology is a system, which helps us look at God through the Bible. ¬†The word “theology,” is the study of God. ¬†Many different denominations and churches have different theologies. ¬†Therefore, if your Theology is off then it will affect the way you read the bible. ¬†The beautiful of the bible is that anyone can read it and understand it. ¬†However, there are passages in the bible that can be difficult to understand, especially if we do not know the background, literary devices the writer is using, and culture significance. ¬†This is the main problem with Evangelical Christianity today. ¬†There has been a major influx of Reformed Theology that is influencing Christians today through the local Christian bookstore. ¬†People see a popular author and pull out the book and lead to a works based system. ¬†I read the book “Crazy Love,” and my thought was that Francis Chan was the one who was crazy. ¬†As a pastor I can say that it is always a temptation to make the bible say what I want it to say. ¬†However, I have a responsibility from God to rightly divide the word of truth. ¬†As much as I do not want to spend time in my Greek, I make the sacrifice in order to lead the sheep correctly. ¬†The God that Francis Chan serves is not the God that I know or serve. ¬†The God I serve has a plan of salvation that is through faith ALONE in Jesus Christ (John 3:16 and 6:47).

What sends people to Hell? ¬†It has nothing to do with sin. ¬†Jesus already died for the sins of the world ) 1 John 2:1-2; John 3:16). ¬†He died for ALL who have ever lived, currently living, and will live. ¬†People die and go to Hell because they do not have life. ¬†Life is only found in the Son, Jesus Christ (John 14:6). ¬†It is after all the book of Life that will be opened and Revelation tells us that if people’s name are not found in it then they will go into the Lake of Fire (20:15). ¬†God has removed the Sin problem of the world through His Son’s death and resurrection. ¬†People only need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life and they will be saved. ¬†It is really that simple.

This blog post is not about bashing certain Christian authors, whom I disagree with.  However, it is about rightly dividing the truth and being discerning of the truth.  You might read this and disagree with everything I have written, which is totally fine.  Jesus paid it all so I do not have too.



I can remember being in Sunday School as a kid and hearing my mom talk about the book of Revelation, it scared me.  Probably left me a little traumatized.   However, whenever she spoke about the Antichrist, the one world ruler, I can remember being filled with curiosity.

Is the Antichrist living today?  It is highly probable that he is.  Since his identity is unknown we cannot say for sure.  It does seem likely due to the current climate in the Middle East.

Where is he living?  If you read my last blog about what the Antichrist is like then you know that he comes from a Roman origin.  This being said, it does not mean that he lives in Rome or is from there today.  Back in Daniel 11:37 it says he does not regard the gods of his fathers (or forefathers).  This simply means does not have to be from Rome.

Micah 5:5 says, “When the Assyrian comes into our land and when he treads in our palaces…He shall deliver us from the Assyrian.” ¬†Micah 5:2 tells of the coming Messiah, that he will be born in Bethlehem. ¬†If you read the chapter as a whole you realize Micah is not just speaking of the Assyrians in his day and age but rather looking forward. ¬†In verse 7 the remnant of Jacob is mentioned then in verse 8 this remnant of Jews is among the Gentiles. ¬†It would seem that Micah is speaking prophetically of the day of the Lord. ¬†The Day of the Lord is a time that begins with the Rapture of the church and continues on until the Second Coming of Christ (There will be more on this subject in my next blog).

While the Antichrist will have a Roman origin, he will also be an Assyrian.  Living in what used to be Assyria but today is modern day Syria and/or Iran.   He will not be a Muslim (goes back to Daniel 11:37).  In my opinion it seems he will most likely be an Atheist.  As of right now, he may be alive but has a small role in politics.  When the time does present itself he quickly rise to fame and power.

If you have trusted in Christ then there is nothing to fear because you will raptured up before that day.